6 Tips for Using Positive Affirmations

Affirmations Blog - 6 Tips for Using Positive Affirmations

You've likely heard about the power of affirmations in fostering motivation and steering you towards your goals. But, have you considered the potential of turbocharging your affirmations to not just guide but significantly transform your business journey?

Imagine you're aiming to double your business revenue. If your affirmation is "I will increase my business revenue," pause and reflect on the feeling it evokes. Does it inspire you or feel like a distant, somewhat burdensome goal? This kind of affirmation might inadvertently highlight the gap between your current state and your goal, making it feel more like a wish than an actionable plan.

To truly harness the power of affirmations in the context of business growth and financial success, it's crucial to infuse them with energy and direction. This blog post will walk you through six strategic steps to reshape your affirmations into dynamic, motivating forces that propel you and your business forward.

  1. Make Your Affirmations Active

Utilize active verbs and the present tense to infuse your affirmations with immediacy and dynamism. This approach anchors your goals in the present moment and empowers you to own your achievements as current realities.

For instance, transform "I will increase my business revenue" into "I am consistently growing my business revenue through innovative strategies and dedicated customer service." This affirmation emphasizes ongoing growth and action in the present.

  1. Include Positive Emotions

Embed your affirmations with the emotions you anticipate feeling upon achieving your goals. This emotional connection can significantly boost your motivation and the affirmation's resonance. For example, "I am thrilled and energized as I see my business expanding and reaching new heights." This version connects the business expansion goal with the positive emotions of thrill and energy, enhancing motivation.

  1. Keep it Short

Craft your affirmations to be succinct yet impactful. A brief, potent statement can be a powerful mnemonic device, easily recalled and focused. "I excel in financial abundance" is a short affirmation that captures the essence of aspiring towards financial success and business growth in a memorable way.

  1. Stay in the Present

Ensure your affirmations are firmly rooted in the present tense to enhance their immediacy and relevance. "I am" statements are powerful declarations of your current state, reinforcing your identity and actions aligned with your goals. Instead of future-oriented statements, use "I am creating a legacy of success and innovation with my business." This present tense affirmation asserts current action and identity in achieving success.

  1. Positivity Propels Progress

Frame your affirmations with a focus on positive outcomes and desires. Concentrating on what you want to attract or achieve, you naturally orient your mindset and actions towards those positive goals. Shift from focusing on overcoming business challenges to "I am navigating my business towards prosperity with ease and confidence." This positive framing highlights the desired outcome of business prosperity and personal confidence.

  1. Refresh and Revitalize Your Affirmations

Review and adjust your affirmations to align with your evolving goals and feelings. An affirmation that grows with you maintains its relevance and motivational power. For an affirmation that has lost its spark, update it to "I am embracing every opportunity with gratitude and turning challenges into stepping stones for success." This refreshed affirmation reflects a proactive attitude towards growth and gratitude.

Play around with the words until they feel right for you. Just keep your affirmation in the present, focused on what you want and what feels good.

Repeat your affirmations at least three times daily, and look forward to manifesting the life you want.


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