How to Set up Micro Habits for Success

Habits Blog - How to set up micro habits for success

Micro habits are, by their definition, so tiny that they feel like they should automatically succeed. So when they don't succeed, for whatever reason,  it can feel so frustrating.

There is, however, good news: You can set up any micro-habit for success with these three steps:

  1. Focus on one micro habit at a time.

It's easy to think that because micro-habits are small, that you can create a whole bunch of them to fix everything in your life all in one go.

After all, they're just small changes.

The problem is that even small changes can soon add up to quite a bit of work when you have a long list of them. So rather than getting caught up trying to change your whole life in one go, pick just one micro habit to establish. Then wait until this micro habit is well-established before allowing yourself to pick up another one.

  1. Link the new micro-habit to one that’s already in place.

To do this, look at what you're trying to establish. See if there is another habit you already have in place to which you can link this new micro habit.

For example, suppose you want to start checking your bank account daily. You could connect it to the established routine of checking your emails. When you get into your office, checking your email becomes a trigger for the new micro-habit, so it becomes easy to remember to do it.

You might have to get a little bit creative to do this. If you're not sure what to connect it with, ask yourself questions such as: 

  • What time of day is best for me to perform this micro habit?
  • Is there something else I do at that time every day?
  • Is this micro habit somehow related to something I already do regularly?
  • Can I link it to something else that is unrelated but where I will still see some connection in my mind?

  1. Set it in stone.

At a minimum, you should put the micro habit in your diary or where ever you keep your schedule. Even a small habit such as drinking more water is established by simply setting a timer on your phone to remind you to drink every hour. Use your reminder app on your smartphone, even a post-it note on a physical calendar hanging on your wall to remind yourself that you have set aside time just for this micro habit.

With these three simple steps, any micro habit can be set up for success.

If you're still struggling after following these steps, think of a small reward to encourage yourself to perform this micro habit. Sometimes, every little bit helps.  You can also download my free micro-habits report using the link below:

Micro Habits Report 


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