7 Benefits to Using Positive Affirmations

Affirmations Blog - 7 Benefits to Using Positive Affirmations

You probably already know that affirmations can be powerful tools for helping you reach specific goals and help you bring more wealth into your life.

But did you know that building a regular affirmation practice can have all sorts of side benefits?

  1. Affirmations Help you Be More Mindful

Using affirmations helps you stay in the present moment and keeps you from feeling angry, sad or guilty about past mistakes or anxious about what the future holds.

Because affirmations are positive statements about you in the present tense, you focus on what is happening to you now.  This is the core of mindfulness.

  1. Affirmations Open You up to More Blessings

Using a daily affirmation practice helps to keep you focused on the good things that you want in your life. It also changes your expectations of what you deserve. As a result, you are more open to receiving without being clouded by self-doubt or worries about being deserving enough.

  1. Affirmations Change Your Perspective

As your attention stays on what is important to you, the little things that used to irritate you seem less and less important. Conversely, the things that you may have taken for granted, like good health and a loving family, become part of your gratitude practice.

  1. Affirmations Change Your Mindset

The repetition of positive, upbeat statements changes your brain's structure. Neural pathways are created and strengthened that help to produce a more positive, optimistic mindset.

  1. Your Affirmations Can Affect Other People

The positivity and optimism built by your affirmations habit also spill over into other people's lives. Your newfound confidence and happiness make other people feel good and can encourage them to change their mindset, also.

  1. Affirmations Improve Your Physical Wellbeing

Studies have shown that people who use affirmations as part of their daily routine have lower levels of anxiety and depression and are more resilient when dealing with stressful situations. Optimistic people have healthier hearts, lower levels of inflammation, and are more motivated to live a healthier lifestyle. They also find it easier to give up bad health habits like smoking.

  1. Affirmations Build Your Gratitude

Using affirmations in your daily life can help you develop a more gratitude-based attitude to life in general. As well as the specific goal-based affirmations, the whole process of building positivity enables you to appreciate what is good in your life.


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