Think Like a Child to Live Your Biggest Life

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Remember when you were a child, and the world was a canvas of endless possibilities? When questions like, "What do you want to be when you grow up?" were met with audacious dreams of becoming an astronaut, a superhero, or even the president? The innocence of childhood is marked by boundless dreams and aspirations, untainted by the cynicism and limitations that often cloud our vision as adults. But what if we could recapture that childlike wonder and audacity? What if the key to living our most fulfilling life is thinking like a child again?

Manage Your Expectations, or Life Will Let You Down

It's a sentiment we've all heard, directly or subtly implied. Society often conditions us to temper our dreams and aspirations from a young age. The rationale? By setting our sights lower, we shield ourselves from the sting of potential failures or unmet expectations. This message isn't always delivered with words. More often, it's conveyed through subtle cues, societal norms, or the cautionary tales of those around us who faced disappointments.

Movies, books, and even well-meaning mentors might suggest that it's wiser to play it safe, to avoid aiming too high lest we fall and face the pain of unfulfilled dreams. Over time, these messages can accumulate, leading many to adopt a guarded approach to life, prioritising security over ambition and certainty over taking risks.

However, while being realistic and grounded is essential, there's a fine line between being pragmatic and stifling one's potential. By constantly bracing ourselves for disappointment, we might inadvertently close doors to opportunities and experiences that could have been transformative. After all, isn't life about embracing the full spectrum of possibilities, both high and low?

Become a Child Once Again to Think Big and Make Big Things Happen

A short, athletically challenged child will tell you he will play in the NBA one day. He's confident he'll play in the largest professional basketball organization in the world when he's older.

NBA players are much taller than average, with very few exceptions. They are highly skilled athletes. They often display their athleticism in early childhood. As a result, some of them were already growing taller than other kids.

The short, clumsy 6-year-old doesn't care. Instead, he will confidently and unabashedly tell you he will someday play for his favourite NBA team.

There are always exceptions that prove the rule. Sub-6-foot players show up every now and then. Some of them are exceptionally talented and have long, successful careers. But, again, that's rarely the case.

In the 2019 – 20 season, 529 players suited up for at least one NBA game. With hundreds of millions of males as potential players worldwide, you can see the odds of suiting up for a National Basketball Association team are terrible. They are stacked heavily against that 6-year-old with a dream.

Embracing Grand Visions: A Shield Against Negativity

When you allow yourself to dream big, to truly stretch the boundaries of what you believe is possible, something remarkable happens: negativity starts to lose its grip on you. Big thinkers are often so engrossed in their expansive visions that they become impervious to the naysayers and doubters that lurk in the shadows.

It's not that they're naive or oblivious to challenges. On the contrary, they're acutely aware of potential obstacles. However, their focus on the larger picture, on the grand potential of what could be, acts as a buffer against the discouraging voices that preach limitation and caution. Their mindset becomes one of problem-solving and innovation rather than dwelling on setbacks.

Also, thinking big has a magnetic quality. It attracts like-minded individuals, those who are also driven by ambition and optimism. Together, they create an environment where positivity thrives and negativity struggles to find a foothold. In this space, challenges are viewed as stepping stones, not roadblocks. And every setback is seen as a lesson, a stepping stone to achieving those grand visions.

In essence, when you think big, you're not just setting higher goals; you're cultivating a resilient, optimistic mindset geared towards growth. And in this mindset, negativity finds little room to thrive.

Rekindling the Spirit of Limitless Possibilities

As we journey through life, it's easy to become entangled in the web of practicality, often forgetting the boundless dreams we once held as children. But within each of us lies that same spirit of limitless possibilities, waiting to be reawakened. By thinking big and embracing our most audacious dreams, we challenge the status quo and chart a path towards a life filled with passion, purpose, and profound fulfilment.

It's time to cast aside the shackles of doubt and fear that have held us back. Let's reclaim our innate ability to envision a more vibrant future. Dreaming big, we honour our most authentic selves and inspire others to reach for the stars. So, as you move forward, remember: life's true magic lies not in playing it safe but in daring to dream as boundlessly as a child once again.


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