Why Thinking Big Helps Improve Your Money Mindset and, Therefore, Your Chances of Financial Success

Think Big Blog - Why thinking big helps improve your money mindset and, therefore, your chances of financial success

How often have you heard someone say 'Think bigger!'? Whether it's a work project, an idea for a new hobby or even a money-making scheme, we're always told 'think big, not small', but have you ever thought about why?

What is it about 'thinking big’ that helps shift your mindset and makes you more likely to see success?

This article will discuss the concept of thinking big - what it means, why it's crucial to your mindset, and how thinking big could be the key to your financial success. So, if working on your money mindset is your goal, then this is for you. You will learn how to improve your mindset when it comes to money, so you don't have to keep struggling to make ends meet or so you can finally hit that savings or income goal you’ve always dreamt of.

What does thinking big really mean?

When growing up, we lose the dreams, ambitions, and goals we had as a child. How many of you reading this believed you would be a pop star or a princess or president one day? When we're younger, our imaginations are freer; we can look past the constraints of bills, mortgages, balancing relationships and everything else that comes with growing up. So instead, embrace big thinking. It was easier to spend time daydreaming about what could be because it felt like the opportunities were endless. It felt like we could do anything.

At some point, though, many people lose this feeling. It feels like an impossibility that we could do something different or spontaneous, or life-changing. As a result, we tend to squash our dreams and goals. We become realistic by our mind's standards - and we start to settle. Settling is the nail in the coffin for creativity, inspiration and growth. When we begin to settle for the career we happen to have fallen into or the partner we've been with since high school, our world becomes smaller, and so does our imagination.

But in your life now, what does it really mean to think big?

The big thinking mindset is all about opening yourself back up to the opportunity that exists out there. It's about remembering that you are capable of anything you desire. Start to look at this from a growth mindset rather than stagnation. But it's not just about the big ideas you can come up with; even more important is the big belief about what you're capable of and what you can achieve. Thinking big is much more of a mental exercise than a specific desire for change. It is learning how to expand your mind and free yourself from mental imprisonment.

Thinking big and money mindset

The ability to think bigger will help with many different aspects of your mindset;

  • it will help you be more imaginative;
  • come up with new ideas;
  • be more creative; and
  • most importantly, help you achieve the things you set out to achieve.

When it comes to your money mindset, thinking big is the key to making changes.

Each of us has different money stories depending on the environment we've been brought up in. As a result, the money situations we find ourselves in as we grow up can influence our current money situation.

Suppose you grew up in a household where money was talked about frequently, particularly a lack of or the feeling of struggle. In that case, you will be carrying this story with you through to adulthood unless you work on your mindset to change it. If you have also never had open discussions about the possibilities that money can bring will likely have a very closed mindset when it comes to thinking big.

When we can start to shift our mindsets and see money for what it is - energy - we can open ourselves back up to the extensive opportunities out there. So think about it now, are you stuck in a mindset that says money is hard to earn, that money only comes from having a 9-5 job, or that as soon as money comes in, it goes right back out?

What if you could think bigger and start to believe that money can come from so many other avenues? Let's put it another way; let's call it abundance. You might not feel very abundant financially, but what if you could begin to train your brain to start believing it? What if you could start showing up to your life and business from a mindset of 'I am abundant'. Imagine now you have the amount of money that you believe would make you feel abundant:

  • What would be different?
  • How would you show up differently?
  • What are the new thoughts you would be having?
  • What would you be feeling?

When you can create a powerful image in your mind and access those feelings of abundance - that thinking big attitude - you will notice that your energy completely shifts. What you're doing here is manifesting your goals into reality. So when you show up to your business from a place of 'I am successful, I am abundant', the energy you're sharing with your customers is completely shifted. This is the energy that will bring you the success you desire.

How to start thinking big again

A great place to start is to write down your most significant, most out-there goals that you couldn't dream of achieving and that might even make you laugh. Be wild with this - don't hold back - the bigger, the better.

Sit with these goals for a few days or a few weeks, and allow them to become a normal part of your thought process. As you do this, your mind will start to get adjusted to achieving them. So when you then come to figuring out the smaller stuff, i.e. how to actually get there, everything will feel much more achievable. It's like runners practising running in the sand. They do this so that as soon as they're on a firm surface again, they feel that they're so much more capable of running faster than was previously thought possible. So when you imagine your huge goals, you are running in the sand.

So much of this is mind ‘games’ you can play with yourself.

Another essential part of thinking big, and something that can help you do so, is figuring out your 'why' before anything else. Forget about the 'how' and think about why you want to achieve something. Whether it's success in business, relationships, money goals, career, or whatever your big goals are, spend some time looking at why you want them.

Once you know your 'why', you'll feel more motivated to start spending time working on your big goals. You will also be much more able to see the bigger picture. 

For example, if one of your goals is to earn a certain amount of money, think about why you want this:

  • Is it to help out your family or friends?
  • Is it so you can donate some of it to a charity you love?
  • Is it to never think twice about treating yourself now and then to something you love?

Think big, but stay present

There can be a potential downside to thinking big, and that is forgetting about all the great things you have in your life at the moment. It’s important to stay grounded once you’ve come up with all of your big plans because, sometimes, the lure of something bigger and better can take away the shine from what you have now. Remember, the grass isn't always greener, but it is worth watering what you already have. Be grateful for what you have in your life now, and you'll see that gratitude grow over time.

Think big, but stay grounded, and this way, you'll feel abundant now, whilst welcoming abundance into your future. I hope this has helped you to start shifting your mindset and opened you up to the idea of thinking bigger. Your money mindset can be one of the most difficult to change. Still, every step you take to reframing your beliefs around money will get you closer to the goals you're working towards.


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