You Don't Have to Be Talented or a Genius to Think Big and Achieve More

Think Big Blog - You Don't Have to Be Talented or a Genius to Think Big and Achieve More

Do you know anyone that went from a big dream to a big reality? You've undoubtedly heard stories about big achievers if you don't know anyone personally. Many of them had a big idea and nothing more.

There are endless stories about the biggest names in business, starting with little to no money. Then, they had to spend every waking hour working on their dream and looking for financial backers.

They eventually found success. The fact that they started with not much more than a thought didn't matter to them. They kept going. Failures and hurdles appeared along the way. But, that didn't stop the big thinker. The path was relentlessly followed, and a fantastic reality was the eventual result.

Sometimes these people are called geniuses. However, those who never pursued a big idea say those achievers are more talented than anyone else.
These are often nothing more than excuses.

Walt Disney Was Told He Had No Creativity

Walt Disney was the founder of the billion-dollar entertainment conglomerate known as his namesake. Disney is a global entity. Disney's success comes from creative minds from theme parks to movies, toys, and memorabilia.

When Walt Disney was first starting as an animator, he was told he lacked creativity.

He had to work very hard at his craft. But unfortunately, he wasn't born with the most natural talent. Knowing this, he just kept working. He had a vision that he would one day own an entertainment company.

With a big dream, average talent and excellent work ethic, Disney had a tough road ahead of him. He formed a cartoon business with his brother, Laugh-O-Gram Studios, in 1920. Unfortunately, it was bankrupt two short years later.

He moved to Los Angeles with just $40 to his name. His resilience and refusal to give up on his dream led to his first success, the creation of Oswald the Lucky Rabbit.
Did that vault him to the success that is now Disney? Unfortunately, no. His producer stole the rights to this successful creation, and Disney had to start again.
He eventually created Mickey Mouse, which carried him to the top of the entertainment industry.

Walt Disney Succeeded without Genius and Talent

Mickey Mouse is just one of the dozens of Disney characters. It currently generates $178 billion per year as a Disney franchise.

Walt Disney created the unfathomable success that is Mickey Mouse without genius. He just had average talent as an animator and cartoonist. Yet he never let his big dream die. Instead, he continued to apply big action to his dream and eventually succeeded at a very high level.

Don't worry if you're not the most talented person. You don't have to be a genius to be successful either. All you need is a big idea and enough ambition to relentlessly pursue a big result.


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