Thinking Big Really Means Thinking Differently

Think Big Blog - Thinking Big Really Means Thinking Differently

The next time you hear someone tell you to think big, look at it another way. Take the advice as a suggestion to think differently. Of course, two people may have different ideas about what thinking big means. Still, everyone understands having thoughts that are different from the norm.

When you think normal, typical and common thoughts, you'll create those realities. You have to think and act differently than you have in the past to create a different type of life.

You definitely don't want to think like this:

  • Good enough is good enough
  • I have a roof over my head and food on my table. Why would I risk messing that up by doing something different?
  • I'm getting by fine right now, thank you very much.
  • The way we're doing things is how we've always done them.
  • If there were a bigger, better way of doing things, someone would have discovered it by now.

Those are the thoughts of someone who never thinks big. In some cases, they're frightened to entertain amazing possibilities. One of the reasons is because that might require action on their part.

Once they dream of a big, new and fantastic reality, their emotions get big. Your emotions fuel your actions. This makes these people think about taking action.

Since they are lifelong small thinkers, there's a lot of angst and concern accompanying those feelings. They've always played it safe and have never taken risks, never dreaming big or taking big action. They might not be doing great, but life's okay, so why upset the applecart?

Normal, Tradition, and Accepted Isn't Always the Best

Henry Ford not only changed auto manufacturing. He revolutionized the production of so many different products in several industries. He installed the first moving assembly line for mass-producing an automobile in 1913.

People told him his idea would never work. They said, "Why do you want to risk so much money and your reputation? Just stick with the old assembly methods, Henry." He went ahead and thought differently anyway. He instantly reduced the time it took to build an entire automobile from 12 hours to just 93 minutes.

By thinking differently, he gave the Ford Motor Company the ability to manufacture eight complete cars when it took other companies to build a single automobile.
Don't be scared to think differently. If you have a problem understanding what thinking big means, focus on original thoughts or ideas. Think differently, and you might achieve big enough results to change the world, just like Henry Ford did.


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