Thinking Big Means Knowing When to Take a Stand (and When Not to)

Think Big Blog - Thinking Big Means Knowing When to Take a Stand

Getting involved in petty arguments will get you nowhere. It's a great way to stifle creativity and kill productivity. You see it happen in business meetings all the time. 

One person pitches a specific approach. Someone else argues against that particular idea. Maybe a third person gets involved. An hour or more can be spent monopolizing the time of everyone in the room, and little progress is made.

Sometimes this is the way you come up with great ideas.

It's a great brainstorming tactic. You get a bunch of smart minds in a room. They can throw out any ideas they have on a particular subject. Everything is recorded, and eventually, one of those ideas leads to a big success.  Other times it's the worst possible process.

Could Your Time Be Better Spent Doing Something Else?

Whenever you invest time in a discussion, ask yourself a simple question. "Should I be doing something else instead?"
This could be a discussion with yourself. You don't have to be talking to another person. We engage in silent self-talk all the time. It can be negative, repetitive and defeating if we're not careful.

If you're planning on chasing down a dream, pick your battles. Don't argue with yourself or with someone else needlessly. Before you know it, you've invested a lot of time, emotion and mental energy that got you nowhere. Could you have made more progress and generated more positive energy doing something else instead?

This can help you create some massive wins in your life. You hear stories about some tremendous achievements that started small. In the beginning, all that was present was a big idea.

The owner of that idea may not have had many resources or enough money to do much more than just get started. Time was at a premium like it is for all of us. But eventually, with a focused vision and hard work, the big idea led to a big result.

Big Achievement Doesn't Happen without Efficient Time Management

The most critical asset in your life is time. This is true in your personal and business lives. We are not guaranteed any amount of time, so respect that. Pick your battles. Know when to take a stand and when moving on makes more sense.

People who turn big thoughts into big realities understand this. They surrender a position to someone else when they know that stringing things out wouldn't be the most effective decision. Learn this in your own life, and greater productivity can lead to more remarkable results.


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