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Is your "right now" good enough? If it is, you're a fortunate person. But, unfortunately, most of us don't enjoy a current reality where we have everything we've ever desired.

A lot of us are looking for something more. It's not that our current situation is terrible. On the contrary, we appreciate what we have. It's just that we have big dreams and big plans. But unfortunately, we haven't figured out a way to turn them into realities.

Does that sound familiar?

It does for a lot of folks. So many people work hard at achieving a big dream, but they can't seem to turn it into reality. Sometimes it's because they find it difficult to see something that isn't there.

The human mind is amazing. It can make things appear out of nowhere. You decide to think about something you want. Your thought grows and is big enough to push you to take action. Your actions create an outcome, and you have something that previously was nothing more than a thought.

You can make your dreams come to life when you envision something that isn't a reality … yet.

Learn to See What Can Be, Not Just What Already Is

Some people that succeed at the highest levels have incredible ability. They can stare at a blank canvas and see the work of art they are about to create. Their ability to see beyond the "right now" leads to fantastic realities.

They create huge successes because of this ability to see past what already is. So in this respect, they're like an outstanding real estate agent.

A realtor can walk you through an empty home and describe all the amazing things you can create in that space. Then, they point to the backyard and paint a picture in your mind of a swimming pool and an entertainment area where you enjoy time with your friends.

Those things don't exist. You're looking at just a flat backyard. Even so, the best realtors can see beyond what exists to what could be.

Big thinkers and big achievers do the same thing.

They see a future result and work backwards. The dream is of something that doesn't yet exist. Once they visualize a possible reality, they work in reverse. This shows them the path they will have to take to make a thought a reality.

Use your creative powers. Learn to see what isn't there yet. It might not exist now, but big thinking on your part can turn it into a future result.


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