What to Do When You Feel Like You Aren't Enough

Top Tips Blog - What to do when you feel like you aren't enough

We all go through times when we feel inadequate. Things happen that make us question if we are good enough. Even family and friends can inadvertently suggest that you are not living up to your potential. Often, these feelings are not fact-based but are stories we tell ourselves. Why not take steps to overcome these feelings?

Get Off of the Comparison Merry-Go-Round

One of the beautiful things about humans is that we are all different, which shows how we live. When you scroll through social media, you may feel the need to compare yourself to a perception you see. Stop comparing and go live your life on your terms.

Write Down Your Past Achievements

There are many things you have accomplished over your lifetime. Maybe you performed a solo at a prestigious choir competition or won first place at the state fair for your photography. You should stop and recall those proud moments.

Let the Negative Thoughts Out

Sometimes you need to get those negative thoughts off of your chest. Find a friend who will listen and offer support, or grab a journal and write your thoughts. This can help you refocus your energies. 

Redefine What Success Means to You

When you compare others’ success to yours (or lack thereof), you do a disservice to yourself. Consider what you want to get out of life and go for it. Success to you may be freelance writing from your van as you travel the country. That is perfectly ok and worth pursuing.

Remember – Life Is a Journey

We often get caught up in attaining our goals that we fail to enjoy the journey to get there. It might be time for you to look back at how you have grown as a person while pursuing goals, even if you haven’t quite reached them.

Celebrate All Your Achievements, Even the Small Ones

Even small achievements are worth celebrating. Taking time to celebrate how far you have come will boost your morale and set you up for more success. For example, maybe you took a daily walk for the last two weeks after being a couch potato for months. That’s something to get excited about.  

Stop Thinking So Much

When you think too long about things, feelings will inevitably crop up. Often, they are negative feelings that remind you that you are not doing or being enough. Try not to overthink things, and do something that will refocus your mind. You might exercise, paint, read, or call up a friend for a chat. It may be time for you to step back and take a break.

Do Something Nice for Someone Else

Making something good happen for someone else helps both of you. They enjoy the act of kindness that lightens their day, and you benefit from taking the focus of your negative thoughts and enjoying contentment.

Shorten Your To-Do List

Often, we feel inadequate simply because we make our to-do list too long. Learn to shorten the list. Choose those items that, if you could only get those tasks done today, you would feel accomplished.


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