Are You An Over-Giver In Business?

SMA Blog - Are You An Over-Giver In Business

So many women in business, particularly in the coaching field, are over-givers. This is because they have a strong Nurturer personality.

All the money personality profiles, including the Nurturer, have challenges. One of the critical challenges for the Nurturer is the tendency to over-deliver.

Of course, giving is a beautiful quality, but often, with a lack of money boundaries (another issue for the Nurturer), this overgiving becomes unhelpful for you and the client!

The Nurturer

The more you give clients, the more they demand. Many don't respect boundaries because you haven't set any.

You give more of your time for 'free'; you give them additional resources; you don't say anything when they continually cancel on you at the last minute …. And they expect more and more from you.

With no established boundaries and over-giving, you have trained your clients to know that you will give it if they ask for something. And you do.

Then that moment happens when you start to resent this overgiving action.

You wonder what you have done to attract such demanding clients. You don't deserve them; you are a good person, providing excellent service.

Your clients might also not get the results they should be from your work. They blame you, despite Not taking accountability for their development.

They are in the mode of the taker. This might not be how they usually act with other coaches, business associates, or even their friends.

This is because you have taken on the role of giver.

All of this is a pretty common scenario for the Nurturer personality.

What Action Can You Take?

It can be a hard lesson to learn because it is about you. However, you are the one that needs to change if you no longer want to keep repeating the same patterns.

So the next time you're tempted to give your clients more of your time, energy, ideas and support that is outside the remit of your work with them, take a step back and work out:

(1) "Am I serving my client, in the best way, by over-giving?"

Journal on ways in which your client is best helped by not doing everything for them and by you, not over-giving.

(2) "What actions can I take to set boundaries in my business?"

E.g., Create no-show policies, and stick to them!

E.g., Create a manifesto for each service offering. How & when will you show up? What inputs do you expect from your clients?

(3) "Where am I assuming the taker's position?"

The universal laws will ensure our lives are in equilibrium. So if someone is taking more from you, you are likely taking more from someone else.

AND remember - you are running a business, not a drop-in centre or charity!

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