Become A Good Custodian Of Your Money

Abundance Blog - Become A Good Custodian Of Your Money

Manifesting with more ease, and less financial overwhelm are the outcomes of understanding your money situation - the past, present and future.

Fact: you can’t manifest money when you feel like you don't have enough.

Get Ready To Receive More Money

When you need money, it creates powerful feelings within you. You then emit that feeling out into the Universe and allow the feelings to influence your unconscious thoughts, which results in you continually attracting and needing money.

To get yourself ready to receive more money, you’ve got to acknowledge and cultivate a feeling of abundance in the here and now.

Becoming a good custodian of what you already have, is a great way to do just that.

You can start to become a good custodian of your money by understanding exactly where you are now and making a simple plan for your money.

Create A Plan For Your Money

This exercise of creating a plan for your money is tuning your awareness to all the money and abundance already flowing in and simultaneously training your mind to look for more money-making opportunities.

  • Get a clear picture of your financial worth [what you own and what you owe]
  • Evaluate your spending habits. Are they in line with your values & desire to create more wealth?
  • Are you covered in case of an emergency?
  • Do you have money goals to help you increase your financial worth
  • Set money dates regularly, so that you can monitor what's going on with your money

Remember: What gets measured gets managed, and what gets managed gets improved.


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