Building Your Dream Team: How the Law of Reciprocity Can Help You Thrive

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Life Is an Echo: The Importance of Fair Exchange - Based on Chapter 9 of Moneyology


As we journey through life, we encounter countless people who leave an impact on us, whether positive or negative. And as we strive to create our wealthy life, we must carefully select those who will be part of our personal and business board of directors, or our soul tribe, to help us navigate the ups and downs. But it's not just about finding people who can enrich our lives; it's also about fair exchange, according to the Law of Reciprocity.


The Law of Reciprocity

The Law of Reciprocity states that you cannot gain something without giving something of equivalent value. It's essential to keep this in mind when forming our dream team. We can't just take without giving back in some way, whether it's time, money, or talent. It's not just about what we can get but also about what we can offer in return.

We need to ensure that there is a sense of balance and fair exchange with each member of our team. Of course, it can be challenging to determine whether we are giving as much as we are taking, especially when we want to believe that we are predisposed to respond to positivity with positivity. But to remain in equilibrium and create a harmonious setting, we must be mindful of fair exchange.

Lisa, one of my coaching clients, likened this concept to a see-saw, with each board member on one end and us on the other, sitting in the middle to create balance. We may offer some people our support in return, pay others for their input, and have some receive a mix of support and payment. But the key is to ensure that we give and receive equally.

When putting together our dream team, we must plan carefully and consider whether the people we are currently listening to for money advice are equipped to do so impartially and for our best interest. We should put some people on the sub's bench to make room for those better suited to help us move forward.

It's important to take the time to plan who we want on our dream team. We should choose carefully and ensure that professional advisors understand what we are trying to achieve. While their services may be expensive, they can be worth their weight in gold. We should also create alliances that work for us and ensure we become part of someone else's team.

Life Is An Echo

Ultimately, the Law of Reciprocity reminds us that life is an echo. What we put out into the world, we get back in return. We will receive the same if we give generously and with an open heart. And as we form our dream team, we should remember to provide as much as we receive, creating a harmonious setting where we can thrive while helping others in their journey.

To sum up, the Law of Reciprocity is an important principle to remember when forming our dream team. We must ensure that there is a fair exchange with each team member and that we give as much as we receive. Doing so creates a harmonious setting in which we can thrive while helping others in their journey. Remember, life is an echo, and what we put out into the world, we get back in return.

If you're interested in learning more about the Law of Reciprocity and how it can help you build your dream team for wealth and success, I encourage you to check out my book, Moneyology. In the book, I delve deeper into the principles of fair exchange and the importance of choosing the right people for your personal and business board of directors. With practical tips and strategies, Moneyology is your roadmap to creating wealth in your life. You can purchase a copy of Moneyology on Amazon or directly from my website.


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