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It's rare to find someone who relishes being unhappy. Most of us want to experience more happiness in our lives. We want to smile and enjoy simple pleasures, relationships, and careers. When applied, the road to happiness is paved with small habits that offer huge returns. If you are ready for a happier life, keep reading to learn more about "happy habits."

Make Sleep a Priority

Many people are sleep-deprived and rely on caffeine and sugar to get them through the afternoon. Most adults need an average of seven hours of quality sleep. With better (and regular) rest, your body gets what it needs, leading to a better quality of life and more happiness.

Focus on Nutrient-Dense Foods and Plenty of Water

A poorly functioning body can leave you feeling sad, unenergized, and in bad health. Increasing your water and nutrient intake encourages a healthy, happier you.

Do Some Form of Exercise Daily

Exercise gives you an instant boost. The released endorphins increase your happiness. A sense of accomplishment fuels your day. It doesn't take hours either - a brisk walk at lunch can do wonders.

Set Boundaries

Try to minimize your interaction with those who are confrontational, negative, or bullies. Toxic people cause frustration and pain in your life. When you do have to interact, set the pace of the conversation and be willing to walk away when they cross the line.

Spend Time with Family and Friends

Relationships matter. Spending time with those you love strengthens your bonds and enhances your happiness levels. You might even want to establish regular dinners, such as a lazy Sunday afternoon meal and chatting over coffee.   

Get Out in Nature

Stuffy offices overshadow the beauty of a sunny day. Take some time to get outside and let the sun warm your skin. Close your eyes and listen to Mother Nature's music. Simply getting outside can do wonders for your mood and happiness.

Rid Your Life and Home of Clutter

Clutter brings stress. Stress leads to unhappiness. To maximize your happiness levels, create a decluttering habit. Set up a system for ridding your home and office of clutter, then establish a plan to keep it away.

Turn Off the Technology

Take the leap and limit your exposure to computer screens. Sitting in front of a screen keeps your brain on overdrive. Scrolling through social media will do the same thing to your emotions. "Unplugging" will rest your mind, and you can focus on those items in your life that bring happiness, like family, friends, and hobbies.


Nothing brings happiness like volunteering. Helping out those who are less fortunate than yourself blesses both of you. It also increases your levels of gratitude, which can translate into happiness and joy.


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