6 Resources to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills

Small Business Blog - 6 Resources to Improve Your Entrepreneurial Skills

You have ambitious plans and big dreams when you start your own business. However, it takes effort and perseverance to put your ideas into motion. To make it as an entrepreneur, you must also learn some essential skills. Here are six resources that can help.

A Success Mentor

A mentor is someone who's further down the path than you. They can provide valuable insights from their experience and help you avoid some pitfalls along the way. They can also give you honest and realistic feedback about how you're doing.

Do you know someone who can fill that role for you? Even if they’re in a different niche or an entirely unrelated business, they can still help. Consider hiring a business coach.

Online Communities

You can get the same help and support by joining online communities of like-minded entrepreneurs. These communities allow you to "hang out" virtually with people further along in their journey. You can read their content, ask questions, and have conversations with experienced entrepreneurs.

Time Management Software

An entrepreneur must be organized. You’ll have a lot to learn and do, so you need an easy way to juggle your tasks. Managing your schedule will also ensure you have enough time to enjoy hobbies and leisure activities. New entrepreneurs often need to remember to take time off!
Check out time management software programs like to-do lists, goal setting, and project management tools. They will keep you on track and allow you to chart your progress.

Trade Journals and Industry Publications

It’s critical to be up to date with the latest information and trends in your field. An excellent way to do this is to subscribe to industry publications. These will help you develop critical skills, expand your knowledge, and learn about upcoming opportunities, networking events, courses, or webinars.

TED Talks

TED Talks are an excellent resource for learning business skills because they cover a wide range of topics in a way that’s accessible and easy to understand. Listen to industry-specific talks and those outside your niche – both types will have value as you grow your business. In addition, you can find presentations on unlocking creativity, effective communication, emotional intelligence, and more.

Your Competitors

You may be surprised to learn that your competitors can be an excellent resource for you. Watch how they brand, engage their audience, and promote their products and services. Their activities can show gaps in your knowledge or highlight areas you need to refine. Then, leverage the competition to help you improve.


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