Mistakes We Make When We Are Overwhelmed

Overwhelm Blog - Mistakes We Make When We Are Overwhelmed

Every one of us makes mistakes daily. For example, we may hit the send button too quickly on an important email. Another example is writing down the wrong date for a meeting with a new business prospect or your new boss.

Living in a state of constantly feeling overwhelmed can make things worse. You will find that you are spending more time reacting rather than being proactive. It can also lead you to make additional mistakes that only compound your feelings of overwhelm.  

4 Common Mistakes We Make When Feeling Overwhelmed

We are always going to make mistakes. However, when it comes to feeling overwhelmed, it is helpful to realize the common mistakes made so that you can avoid them:

You believe that you do not have time to do different things that will help you:

You might be aware of tools and people that can help you when you are in the thick of being overwhelmed. Yet, you may not have time to interview a new house cleaner or plan a girls' night. Instead, you may think you will work on that when you have more time, which you won't, but you are convinced you will. Sometimes, it helps to do ‘good enough’ and get help for your situation now, not later. Do you see the cycle?

You force your mind to focus without breaks:

Your brain needs a break from all the work you are putting it through. Letting your mind wander gives your unconscious thoughts time to surface. It helps your mind and body when you step away and take a walk or doodle. You never know, but your brain could devise a solution to a problem if you give it a chance to think.

To you, feeling overwhelmed is a sign of weakness:

One thought that may be coursing through your brain is, “I shouldn’t be struggling. This isn’t that hard.” You may start criticizing yourself for being unable to handle everything on your schedule. Take a moment to reign in your thoughts and practice some self-compassion.

You withdraw into your shell:

When you are overwhelmed, you may feel the need to withdraw from those who support you as you focus all your energies on getting your list done. Others will notice as you become edgier and potentially lash out at their attempts to help you. It is wise to take time to be with family and reconnect. Then, you will feel refreshed and ready for the next task.

You do have time to get help, take a break, and spend time with others. Refrain from letting your mind and perfectionism lead you to these common mistakes.


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