We Should Be Taught When We're Young That Money Won't Solve All Our Problems

Personal Finance Blog - We Should Be Taught When We're Young That Money Won't Solve All Our Problems

Think about a time in your life when you needed more money. You might not have been broke, but you weren't exactly living the high life. You could have struggled every month to pay your bills. This is a situation a lot of people have experienced.

It's times like these when you think, "If I only had more money. Life would be much easier if I made 'X' more dollars every month."

Would that really be true? Can more money instantly make your life so much better? If you're honest with yourself, you know that money is not some magic cure-all. You can't throw money at any problem and watch it disappear.

Sometimes When You Get More Money, It's Never Enough

You probably have heard stories about millionaires and billionaires who are challenging to be around. They're controlling and manipulative, and no one likes working for them. This isn't true of all wealthy people, of course. In some cases, though, people with more money than they ever need are just terrible human beings.

When they reach some impressive monetary level in their lives, they celebrate. Then not much later, they want more. There always needs to be more money. They could have all the money in the world, and they would probably start looking at other planets to see if there was any money there!

This is because money doesn't fix emotional issues.

You probably prefer the latter situation if you've been both broke and wealthy. You can do so much good when you have excess wealth. You can help the people that you love. You can assist charities and organizations that do good around the world. What you can't do with money is change emotional and mental issues that you need to address some other way.

This is why so many wealthy people are never happy. They think getting to that next rung on the financial ladder will finally give them all the happiness and fulfilment they're looking for. But since money can't cure problems of the soul, they're constantly unhappy.

Money Is a Commodity, Not a Magic Pill

Money is just a thing. It used to be that money was only physical in nature. Now money can be digital. You transfer numbers out of your bank account into someone else's account, and no physical money changes hands. Money is just a commodity whether you slide or tap your plastic or pull out some cash to purchase something.

It makes things happen. You can pay your mortgage and your utility bill with it. Money is great for buying gifts for your loved ones. So there are definitely reasons you want to have enough money to live your life comfortably and not stress over your finances.

Just remember that money's not a magic pill.

Your doctor can't prescribe you more money to fix some physical health problem. Likewise, money won't make you a social superstar if you're a loner who always looks at life negatively.

This should be learned earlier in life than it often is. Develop money skills. Learn to budget and treat your finances with respect. It would help if you stopped expecting money to cure every problem in your life because it can't.


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