6 Steps You Can Take to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Overwhelm Blog - 6 Steps You Can Take to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

It’s 2 PM, and you are frustrated because you have accomplished nothing. Your list is still as long as your arm and more have been piled on your plate. Your heart starts racing while you get more agitated at your circumstances.

Then it hits – the feelings of overwhelm threaten to drown you. It's possible to reign in those overwhelming feelings and kick them to the curb. But, if you let these feelings get out of control, your body will reap negative consequences, including poor eating and sleeping habits.

How to Stop Feeling Overwhelmed

Are you ready to stop the feelings of overwhelm that threaten to overtake you? Then, put these six steps into practice:

Determine What Is Triggering the Feeling of Overwhelm:

What started these feelings? For example, were you late to work because you overslept after staying up too late watching movies or working on a project? Take note and write it down if you need to.

Reframe Your Feelings:

You will probably be full of negative thoughts and emotions. Instead of giving in to anger or hopelessness, replace it with empowerment and determination to tackle what is before you.

Sit Up Straight:

As you feel overwhelmed, you may respond physically by hunching forward and taking shallow breaths. Instead, take a moment to straighten up and take several deep belly breaths. The change will reinforce to your brain that you are switching emotions.

Decide on One Small Step You Can Take Right Now:

Look over your list, decide on a tiny thing you can do at that moment, and do it. Once it is accomplished, pat yourself on the back and choose another task. With each one, you slowly tackle those items that have been weighing you down. Also, you reinforce to yourself that you can get things done.

Get Over What You Can’t Control:

Focusing on things you cannot control wastes time, energy, and emotions. If you can do something about a situation, then take action. However, if you cannot, why not relax and let worry slip away?

Guard Your Calendar:

A significant culprit to being overwhelmed is not protecting your time. Saying no and leaving some white space on your calendar is okay. It is up to you to ensure you keep your calendar free from being overbooked.


You can beat the feelings of overwhelm by being proactive and getting your emotions under control. Once you do, you will be empowered to knock out that To-Do list and protect your time.


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