Storytelling Is Beneficial in Both Your Personal and Professional Life

Small Business Blog - Storytelling Is Beneficial in Both Your Personal and Professional Life

To better utilize storytelling as a skill, you need to realize what it is at its very core: a social skill. In the same way that being able to hold a conversation and active listening are social skills, storytelling has many of the same benefits.

Just like any other social skill, it has a variety of uses in both personal and professional settings. Whether you’re trying to make friends or want to stand out in a job interview, it's a beneficial skill.

Storytelling is particularly advantageous in both parts of life because the main benefits of it include getting people to listen better to you and making people connect better with the things you're talking about.

Storytelling is a great skill when trying to make new friends, especially when you can put a funny spin on the stories you tell. People love listening to someone who can make them laugh with a good story.

You can also find storytelling useful in your personal life concerning things like parenting. For example, you might find that your kids are more willing to listen to real-life examples of why they should do something rather than being told, "because I said so.”

This skill especially shines in professional settings. You will never forget someone personable and fun to talk to in a professional environment more than you do someone bland and unremarkable.

Being able to stand out among your peers is a crucial part of being in a job interview. You have to imagine that you likely have a similar background and skill set to many other applicants, so you need something to set yourself apart.

You don't want to be overly talkative during a job interview. Still, when they ask you why you want to go into a specific field or work at a particular company, you want to give a compelling reason why they'll remember.

It's also a valuable skill to have when trying to get new clients to work with your company. For example, say you were working on manufacturing custom desks for offices and were approached by a prospective buyer.

Suppose you can be personable and relatable to them and tell fun stories about previous orders while giving the necessary information. In that case, they're more likely to remember you than someone who just coldly lists pricing information and logistics.


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