Unlock Your Intrinsic Motivation: 9 Tips to Stay Focused and Achieve Your Goals

Top Tips Blog - 9 Tips to Stay Focused and Achieve Your Goals

Have you ever asked yourself why you get out of bed each morning? For many, it's because they have a job and have no choice - that's extrinsic motivation. But what drives you to accomplish your goals? That's your intrinsic motivation. And if you want to tap into it more, these nine tips will help you do just that.

Your Why

First things first, determine "your why." You'll be more motivated to pursue your goals if you figure out why you want to achieve them in the first place. For example, if you don't know why you wake up at 4 AM each morning to jog, you won't have any reason to stick with it.

Choose to be Motivated

Motivation doesn't always "just happen." You need to get into the right mind state and welcome motivation into your life. Set goals that invigorate you, and tell the world about them.

Eliminate Bad Habits

Identify the bad habits that will stop you. Bad habits often hold us back from our goals and sometimes prevent us from even trying. Eliminate the bad habits that hold you back from being excited and motivated.

Create Goals

Create goals of all sizes. Keep your motivation boosted by setting goals of various sizes. When you have a healthy mix of big and small goals, you'll find it easier to stay motivated.

Stop The Negative Talk

Each time you begin a new goal, your motivation will be high. Then you start hearing the negative voices reminding you why you cannot accomplish these goals. Catch your negative self-talk and replace it with a reminder of all the positive outcomes that will occur when you achieve your goals.

Stay Aware of Overthinking

Don't overthink every last detail. Sometimes it's more important to decide and move on.

Celebrate Your Wins

Celebrate your wins no matter how small. Regularly rewarding yourself is a great way to stay motivated. So why not make that journey more enjoyable by feeling good about the progress you make along the way?

Find Motivation Through the Success of Others

Find motivation through the success of others. Learning about people who have succeeded against great odds is a great way to build motivation. Find some people you really admire and find out how they beat the odds.

Be Bold and Reevaluate Your Goals

As you continue to grow, you may find that what you initially aimed for doesn't fit you now. That's okay. You can constantly adjust goals to excite you and fit your values.

Remember, tapping into your intrinsic motivation is vital to achieving your goals and living your best life. With these nine tips, you can find the motivation you need to succeed.


  • Write down and explain why you want to accomplish a particular goal. Knowing "your why" will aid you on tough days.
  • Find the person or persons that inspire you and learn more about how they reached their level of success.
  • Write down the bad habits that stop you from being motivated. Next, decide how to overcome them so that you can stay motivated.


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