6 Ways to Calm Down When You Feel Overwhelmed

Overwhelm Blog - Calm Down When You Are Overwhelmed

When you feel overwhelmed, your body will react. You may have shortness of breath. You may become angry, or you might start crying. Some people tell themselves negative stories that perpetuate what is going on.

Any of these reactions can make you grow more frustrated with your situation. But you don't have to let the feeling of overwhelm control your life. Learning different techniques to combat these emotions will take a long way to enjoying life more and feel overwhelmed less.

How to Calm Down When You Are Overwhelmed

Calming down is possible even when it seems everything is out of control. It is the single best thing you can do. Here are six ways you can calm yourself down when anxiety and overwhelm threaten your peace and happiness:

Slow Down and Breathe:

When you feel anxious and overwhelmed, you may sense your heart racing, and your breathing becomes shallow. Instead of giving in to hyperventilating, stop what you are doing and start taking long, deep calming breaths. There are many different techniques. Find one that works for you and put it in your arsenal.

Change Your Environment if Possible:

If you have been working for an extended period, get up and go for a walk. Maybe you just need to go into another room. The goal is to switch focus and give your body a much-needed break.

Tune out the World with Your Favorite Music:

Music can be very soothing and have a calming effect on you. It is okay to escape for a few minutes with your headphones and let all the overwhelm wash over you.

Write Down What Is Bothering You:

Thinking rationally can be challenging when you feel overwhelmed. Grab a piece of paper and jot down what is bugging you and what items you still need to accomplish. Now, you can plan your next steps and feel more in control.

Eat or Drink Something:

Being hungry or thirsty exacerbates feelings of overwhelm. Grab a snack, but take your time eating it. Enjoy each bite as you slow down and focus on the food or drink.

Phone a Close Friend:

Sometimes, you need a calming voice on the other end of the phone to help you calm down. Choose a close friend or relative, and give them a call.

You don't have to let feelings of overwhelm take over your life. Instead, use these tips and remain in control even when things seem to go haywire.


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