3 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working

Affirmations Blog - 3 Reasons Why Your Affirmations Aren't Working

Imagine you've crafted the perfect affirmation practice tailored precisely to your aspirations, feeling as comfortable and fitting as a glove. Initially, it propels you forward, infusing your days with positivity and purpose. But then, unexpectedly, the momentum stalls. The affirmations that once seemed to spark change now echo without impact. What's the missing link?

The hiccup in your affirmation practice doesn't spell the end of their power or suitability for you. Instead, it's a sign - a nudge to pause and reassess. Affirmations are more than words; they are commitments to ourselves, and sometimes, the path needs realignment.

This blog post uncovers three critical insights into why your affirmations might have hit a plateau and how to realign your practice with your intentions.
Let's dive into understanding and reviving the transformative power of your affirmations.

  1. You're Not Acting on Your Affirmations

Affirmations aren't magical spells. Neither are they your fairy godmother waving her magic wand and making everything okay. But, you do have to walk the talk and make sure you're living your affirmations out in the real world.

Affirmations are the first step in your mindset action plan. Make it part of your practice to follow your affirmation with a concrete example of how you will live your positive statement today. Those positive words need to be backed up with specific examples.

Each time you act on your affirmations, you build another stepping stone to achieving your goals. At the end of the day, review how you lived up to your affirmations and celebrate every success, big or small.

  1. You're Rushing Your Affirmations

To be as effective as possible, say your affirmations aloud, slowly, and confidently. Put some 'oomph' into your delivery, and try using a mirror so that you can look yourself in the eye.

After all, If you don't believe your positive statements, then who will?

It's worth making your affirmation time a special ritual. If it just becomes something automatic, like brushing your teeth, your attention will likely wander, and you won't be paying attention.

Your unconscious has to hear that you mean every word so that the significance sinks in. So show your unconscious that you're serious about your affirmations. Maybe light a candle, take three deep centring breaths and then say your affirmations confidently and sincerely in front of the mirror, looking yourself straight in the eye.

  1. You're Not Consistent in Your Affirmation Practice

Be honest with yourself.

  • Have you been able to stick to a regular pattern of saying your affirmations?
  • Or do you remember to say them on some days and not others?
  • Or do you remember at the last minute and then rush through them in your head?

You can't expect your unconscious to take you seriously if you don't take the time to do your affirmations properly.

Treat your affirmations as a serious commitment. Allot time for them every day at a regular time. Consistency in how and when you say your affirmations will build confidence; before you know it, you will be living your dream. 


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