Why Do We Feel Overwhelmed?

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Have you had a stressful week? Did it seem like your to-do list was never-ending? Were you overcome with the sense that a wave was getting ready to slam into you? If so, you may be dealing with overwhelm, which is when you live in a state of intense emotions that are difficult to manage.

When you feel overwhelmed, your feelings are outmatched by your ability to handle them. Today’s society sees more and more people overreacting, feeling fatigued without a known reason, and having trouble focusing on simple things. Understanding what may cause you to be overwhelmed is a decisive step.

4 Possible Reasons that You Are Feeling Overwhelmed

Knowing how you feel is not the same as knowing why you feel that way. Many things can cause you to feel overwhelmed, including:

Unrealistic Expectations:

Many people are guilty of adding too many items to their list, expecting it all to be accomplished. It could be the fear of missing out on opportunities or not wanting to look bad. However, you will feel worse if you drop the ball on your commitments. It will only add to your feelings of being overwhelmed. A better choice is to decide how much you can handle realistically and say no to the rest.

Media Notifications:

Our society is enamoured by the smartphone. The device tells you when you have a text, an email, a phone call, and when your neighbour returned from vacation. If you are not careful, it can control your day and increase your anxiety. One way to help cut your dependence on your phone is to put it away during dinners or time with family. Engage with others and practice not answering every ding immediately.

Unhealthy Boundaries:

People pleasers struggle daily with wanting to be liked. They say yes to everyone and no to themselves. That may result in them overcommitting themselves, so they don't look bad. You should put boundaries and learn to say no more often.

Lack of Self-Care:

The more you add to your list, and the more time a demanding relationship takes, the less time you have for yourself. Often, an overwhelmed person can only handle basic hygiene to get through the day when they need a day off with a hot bath and a good book. Instead, take time for yourself to recharge and ensure you stay healthy.

Feelings of overwhelm will threaten your happiness if you don’t put measures in place to stop it. The key is understanding why you feel overwhelmed and then taking the necessary steps to change things.



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