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Unlock your sacred money code, an online course and materials, helps you unlock your money personality so that you can start earning money with ease and flow. 

Firstly, using the Sacred Money Archetypes®  you will unlock your money personality profile by discovering your top three archetypes.  Discovering your natural gifts and strengths in relation to money and financial matters. You will have access to a beautiful set of Sacred Money Archetypes® cards to help you explore your personality in detail.

The next stage guides you through preparing an action plan so that you can create a business or redefine your existing business so that you play to your strengths, use your natural gifts and overcome your challenges in relation to money.  You will also have the opportunity to create an action plan for your personal finances.

You will also have access to guided meditations and hypnosis recordings so that you can start working on your challenges around money, at the unconscious level.  These recordings have been tailored for each archetype so that you can dig deep and overcome any obstacles that your money personalty has been naturally putting in your way of financial success and your ultimate financial freedom.

For each archetype, there is a binaural beats hypnosis recording to embed the natural gifts and empower your natural state of dealing with money and financial matters.  Then for each of the three unique challenges of each archetype, included is a guided meditation and hypnosis recording.

Understanding and working with your archetypes help you to step into financial empowerment in a way that is in alignment with who you are, and who you can become.

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