Achieve More Financial Success by Boosting the Power of Your Imagination…

Are you the type of person who regularly buys a lottery ticket, not so much for winning, but more for those brief moments where you think what it would be like if you did?

It doesn't matter that the odds are astronomically against you. You know that! You don't think you will ever win, but it is nice to spend a few minutes imagining it. Even though you know it's not real, these thoughts fill you with joy, energy, and even physical sensations like goosebumps or shivers.

That is the power of imagination.

Here’s the thing…

You can tap into the power of your imagination to help you achieve more in life, 

Setting your imagination free is what allows you to tap into a financially secure future as you manifest abundance in your life in a way no one else can believe.

As you strengthen and nurture your imagination, you’ll be able to sit back and watch as the world reshapes itself around you, giving you the time, energy and space you need to live life your way. Just what you want to hear when it’s time to reconnect with limitless possibilities.

      • Even if you weren't a daydreamer as a kid, you already have a powerful imagination that you can tap into.
      • You are in total control of your reality! If you don’t like your current results, you can change them!
  • You can power up your imagination so that it helps propel you forward towards more financial success and ultimately financial freedom.

The brilliant news is, you can start to do this right now!

It's easy when you know how. Tapping into the power of your imagination is something I use myself every day, as well as being a skill I encourage my coaching clients to develop.  


In “Imagine – The Power Of Imagination” you are going to learn how to unlock the full creative power of your brain. You will discover not only how to tap into the power of your imagination… but also develop and strengthen it.

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With this exclusive self-coaching guide, you can…

  • See what imagination really is, why others lack it, and how you can nurture it
  • Understand the benefits of growing your imagination by treating it like an asset
  • Reignite the imaginative and creative parts of your brain with a proven step-by-step process

But wait, there's more ...

For those who are ready to take their imagination to the next level - The Mindset Toolkit, which includes:

  • Access to the Power of Imagination masterclass videos  
  • Audio version of the book
  • New You Meditation, to reflect on what your life will look like when you have the financial success you desire
  • EFT video to remove the emotional triggers stopping you from achieving all the financial success you desire.
  • Printable affirmation cards (digital download)
  • Affirmations hypnosis audio
  • Hypnosis audio to help you tap into the power of your imagination and using this to envisage a life of financial freedom..
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With the “Power of Imagination” program, you will discover…

  • See what imagination really is;
  • Why others lack it; and
  • How you can nurture it

Understand the benefits of growing your imagination by treating it like an asset, as it can be one of your most valuable assets.

Reignite the imaginative and creative parts of your mind with a proven step-by-step process.

Develop your vision for financial success in your mind, that you can tap into anytime you need to power up your mindset and create more abundance and wealth.

You can get access to this toolkit for only £67/$81, but if you aren't ready, for whatever reason, to take advantage of the full toolkit, you can order just the self-coaching guide for £27/$33

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If you like a bit more detail, here are the topics covered:

Power of Imagination

Discover how your imagination can be powerful in all areas of your life:

Career | Relationships | Personal Wellness | Family | Spiritually

Losing Touch With Your Imagination

You are not alone if you have lost touch with your imagination.  Discover why this has happened and how it is hurting you on your journey through life.

Reigniting Your Imagination

You'll be introduced to a simple 3-step system, which is the best way to tackle any imagination issues.

Imagining Financial Success

Explore exciting and powerful ways to imagine financial success and what it looks, feels and sounds like for you.

Ode To Action!

Start taking action on powering up your imagination. We'll guide you through this step by step system.

Grab a copy of this toolkit for only £67/$81, but if you aren't ready, for whatever reason, to take advantage of the full toolkit, you can order just the self-coaching guide for £27/$33

I want the full Mindset Toolkit Just send me the Self-Coaching Guide
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A little summary of my money & mindset credentials ....

Let's go back thirty years, I trained to be a Chartered Accountant with one of the big 5 UK firms, and shortly after qualifying moved to a local firm of accountants and started working with small businesses.

 I become the youngest (at the time) female partner in a firm of Chartered Accountants, before venturing out on my solo journey just prior to turning 30.

 A couple of years later and I became an Independent Financial Advisor and mortgage broker so I could help clients with their personal finances. I started coaching in 2005, helping accountants in UK, USA & Australia to develop their businesses.

 I became the youngest Chairman of a UK College, which undertook a £75million capital project during my tenure.

 Money and I nearly got divorced. I hit rock bottom financially. Then I worked on paying off all my debts, and built a solid financial foundation, and worked on my emotions and beliefs around money.  I started to think big!

 Spent five years as a Finance Director, helping build a business from £350K to £3m in turnover.

Trained as a Sacred Money Archetypes® coach (money personality profiling), and studied with the Mindset Coaching Academy to become a Certified Mindset Coach.


  • Jo Outram - Financial Fitness

    “My financial situation before working with Jo can only be described as ‘money chaos’. The increased self-awareness has been empowering.”

    Owner, Accendo Coaching & Training

  • Jo Outram - Financial Fitness

    “She knows everything and anything to do with financial management and money mindset. Highly recommended!”

    Writer, Editor, Indie Author

  • Jo Outram - Financial Fitness

    “Jo is the most supportive person, who makes you focus on what's needed to get your finances to where they need to be. I'd highly recommend any of her products or services”

    Andrea Gillard Design - Creator of Beautiful Spaces

Frequently Asked Questions

What is included when I buy the self coaching guide?

PDF copy of the guide is available for instant download following completion of your purchase.  A copy will also be sent to your inbox.

How can I access the mindset upgrade toolkit??

Once you have purchased the Toolkit, you will be emailed login details for the Financial Fitness Club, hosted on Simplero.  You can then access the videos and audios using via web access or by downloading the Simplero app.

What happens if I have any questions when completing the action steps in the guide?

You can comment on and raise questions in the forum section of the Financial Fitness Club membership site.

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