Wealth Affirmation Cards | 60-Card Pack of Affirmation Cards

Harness the power of the Law of Attraction and magnetically bring abundance into your life with a proven approach to creating positive thinking. On each card, you’ll find an empowering and energizing affirmation designed to show you that nothing is out of your reach. Perfect when you want to connect with a wealth mindset, overcome any obstacle and get the dream life you deserve all at the same time. Why wait when this is your chance to make it happen?

Get to know your wealth affirmation cards:

  • A specially selected set of wealth affirmations for anyone looking to grow abundantly
  • Clear limiting beliefs from your horizon with the Hawaiian Ho'oponpono healing mantra
  • Exclusive instructional card talks you through my proven 5-step approach to manifesting
  • Each card measures 7 cm x 12 cm and is professionally printed on a durable coated surface

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