Self-Love Journal: Improve Your Mindset in 90 Days

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Learning to love yourself lets you step into your own radiance and live the life that you have always wanted. This journal is a great addition to your self-love journey.

In this journal, you will tap into the Law of Attraction and use the Ho'oponopono healing prayer. The affirmations serve as reminders to love yourself as the unique and wonderful human being that you are. Gratitude will reinforce the good in your life, and with the Ho'oponopono healing prayer you will be able to clear out the negative beliefs that are not serving you and are destructive to your self-esteem.

Each day for 90 days you will use our powerful, yet simple process for utilising the power of the Law of Attraction. We've even included over one hundred affirmations for you to use during the 90 days and beyond.

Simplero Product Listing - Self Love