Talking about it can be hard, thinking about it stressful, worrying about it exhausting but, it’s everywhere and you can’t escape it, right?

I get it.

JO Logo.pngDo you lack confidence with money? Do you seem to get it and then lose it again really quickly? Does thinking about money leave you stressed or overwhelmed, so it’s easier to bury your head in the sand and hope your finances sort themselves out.

JO Logo.png Do you find yourself saying things like ‘you’re terrible with money’ or ‘there is never enough’? Do you spend too much or just have no idea what state your finances are in?

JO Logo.png Does the thought of being debt free, financially stable or even having a savings account with a lump sum in feel like a dream that’s never going to happen?

JO Logo.png Do you feel like you’re going from payday to payday or money is always flowing into your business and then straight back out?

If you’ve said yes to any of these (or all of them!) then I have something that will help you change things.

What if…

…we could spend a month together and change your money story?

…you could be excited about your future finances? Bring money into your bank account and your business easily and have it stay there? Be confident about money, budgeting and even create savings?

…you could take your head out of the sand and look your finances in the eye and deal with them, confident knowing that you are making the right decisions for you.

…you could start to tell a different money story? What if you could look back and know that today was the day where you changed it and took back control of your finances?

But, how can you make all of these changes??

You’ve been dealing with money in the same way forever. Where do you start, what do you change first and how? It all feels too overwhelming to get started so you do nothing.

Well, I have something to change all of that.

The 30-day Money Detox – Create good money habits and improve your money confidence!

When you sign up for this 30-day online course, you will receive daily videos from me giving you a task each day to help you make those money changes you want to make.

Now, don’t worry if you haven’t got time to do this every day; the videos are yours to keep, so you can work through it in your own time, but remember the sooner you work through the 30-day detox the sooner you can start to change your money story and your finances.

Sound good?

You can join us NOW for just £37!  Normal price £47

Or pay £37 or two monthly instalments of £19

OR join me in The Financial Goal Getters Membership for £39 per month (if you enrol in January 2022), cancel any time although you'll want to hang around for all the good money stuff scheduled for 2022.  You will also get access to the challenge for free.

What will we cover?

Each day you will get a new video from me on a different topic to help you with your 30-day detox.

Over the 30 days we will help you learn to have a better handle on the state of your bank account, set some money goals, track your spending and your income, understand your spending budgeting and treating yourself.

We will also look at your debts and creating a repayment and saving plan, understand your money story and that affects your experience of money, decluttering (your money and your life) and understanding your money personality traits.

We will also look at ways to save, create an emergency fund, increase your income, calculate your net worth and understanding your credit score. And finally, we will look at long term planning and reviewing your money plan.

I know that might feel like a lot especially if you’ve been ignoring your finances for a while, but I will be with you every step of the way and each day’s task will help you take another step towards rewriting your money story and transforming your relationship with it.

Do you want to start to tell a different money story?

Do you want to look your finances square in the eye and take back control?

Would you like to look back in 30 days and feel more confident about creating money, saving it, repaying any that you owe and attracting more of it?

All you need to do is say yes and click this link below and we can get started on your money detox  

You can start with the first day's task, today!

Meet Your Host:

Hello I'm Jo and I'm an (ex) Chartered Accountant, business owner and Certified Mindset Coach. I've also authored several journals and books about finances, taxes and abundance, including The Abundance Factor with Law of Attraction guru, Dr Joe Vitale. 

Work With Joanne.png

A little bit about my money story ....

Financial ruin, it doesn't generally happen overnight, it just feels like it!  My world really did feel like it was at an end. One minute I had a high flying career, was travelling the world as a coach, working in a highly regarded professional.  I had the 6-bed house, Mercedes + sports car and was holidaying in 5* locations several times a year. The next minute I wasn't.

I was stood there, aged 42, on my parents doorstep needing somewhere to live. I had gone from £1million net worth to £45k in credit card debt with £60k negative equity, and full of shame.

Burnout had left me too ill to work and my business partner had left with a sizeable chunk of the business cash flow. Looking back, declaring myself bankrupt would have been a wise move. Instead I opted to get myself back into work, devise a repayment plan and more importantly set myself up so I never got in a financial pickle again. 

Quick fixes are always available and it took me over 3 years to clear my debts and 7 years on, I own property, have no mortgage, and bought my BMW for cash.

This is why I'm working with women in business - to help them improve their relationship with money so that they can avoid their version of financial ruin  and achieve a life of abundance.